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Quality Office Products

Almost 500 different office chairs, desks, containers, cabinets and partitions have already been awarded with the Quality Office label, thus signaling a high product quality.

The basis for all product certifications is the GS mark (Tested Safety). It indicates the compliance of the furniture product with the German product safety legislation (Produktsicherheitsgesetz zum Schutz von Sicherheit und Gesundheit), which is based on European directives. Additionally, Quality Office guarantees further product features in the fields of safety, ergonomics, functionality, flexibility, durability and sustainability. The guideline also includes measurements for all kinds of office chairs and desks.

Benefits for customers

Quality Office products are among the highest-quality products on the market. The standard enables decision makers and buyers of office furniture to make a quick and easy pre-selection of suitable products. The guideline determining certification criteria enables transparency and sound decision making. Many customers use the Quality Office certificate as a criterion for their tenders. Here you can find the product database.

Benefits for manufacturers

Quality Office allows manufacturers of high-quality office furniture to differentiate themselves from competitors and set a clear signal for quality. On this website you will find all information for a successful product certification.